05 Mac 2009

Catatan 10 : English in Campus

This is my original trial to write my post in English. Why? Because half of my subjects in this campus in English.

For my Pre-Bachelor of Teaching, all my module are prepared by Open University of Malaysia (OUM). For this course, i have to take seven subjects that carry 21 credits.

All seven subjects ;
1. English for Written Communication
2. English for Oral Communication
3. Learning Skills for Open and Distance Learners
4. Pengukuran dan Penilaian dalam Pendidikan
5. Psikologi Pendidikan
6. Bimbingan Dan Kaunseling
7. Prinsip Teknologi Pengajaran

From list above, it shown how important English in oral and written. All students also have to seat for Malaysian University English Test (MUET).

For me, as my result only c5 for English in SPM, it very tough and hard to get relax. I have to work hard to make sure I can hold until I get the scroll.

For my friends, study are most enjoy moments... why don't you start again? Dare you?

* If anyone read this and you can help me to write more proper in grammar, please do so. I need volunteer to give me tuition in English. My English very poor English....

Please leave your comments.

3 ulasan:

  1. congratulation my friend,

    batter late than naver.

    don't worry. the more you read the more you forget. and of course the more aggregate you will get.

  2. kah kah kah....
    "the more you read the more you forget."

    I like this quote....

    Sdr Kepang Chenor,
    Why not from now onwards, we blog in English. Nak cakap kat luar malu... kat sini apa nak malu. Lantak la. Leh jugak belajar speaking. Sapa terer English meh la bantu "akar umbi" ni study.

    Thank you mr kepang chenor for your congrat. I made it as my inspiration !

  3. If you read little...you'll forget little!
    If you read a lot...you'll forget a lot!
    If you didn't read....you'll didn't forget!

    But...we still & should choose to read a lot....
    cause....it shows that you had remembered a lot,
    (thats why....you forget a lot!)